Australian Journal of Biomedical Science is an international peer-review journal which encompasses all fundamental, theoretical and practical aspects of medical sciences and medical biology, including molecular, nutrition, biochemistry, cell biology, medicine and etc.

Biomedical Science research also focuses on:

-Genetics and molecular studies
-Biological human-related studies 
-Medicinal studies
-Plant-human related studies
-Parasitology, toxicology
-AIDS and HIV research
-Cancer research
-Clinical immunology and immunopathology
-Clinical pathology
-Microbiology and virology
-and many more related to Biomedical sciences

The Journal is committed to prompt review, and priority publication is given to manuscripts with novel findings.

The aim of the journal is to publish useful and informative results that will be of value to other workers in related fields. The emphasis is on novelty and immediacy.

AJBS welcomes submission of review articles on any aspect of Human biology. Authors intending to submit such a review should contact the Editor here beforehand to ensure its suitability for inclusion. Reviews will be peer-reviewed in the normal manner.
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