Australian Journal of Agricultural Engineering
November 2010 issue
[1(5) 2010]

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Mechanization status in the Lake Victoria Basin of East Africa

A.N. Gitau, L.L. Kasisira and Z.M. Mganilwa

Pages  160-164  Full text PDF
Development of automatic grading machine prototype for citrus using image processing

Usman Ahmad, Mardison S, Rudy Tjahjohutomo and Ana Nurhasanah

Pages  165-169  Full text PDF
Comparison of moisture-dependent physical and mechanical properties of two varieties of corn (Sc 704 and Dc 370)

M. R. Seifi and R. Alimardani

Pages  170-178  Full text PDF
Design, construction and evaluation of a portable limb shaker for almond tree

A. Safdari, H. R. Ghassemzadeh, SH. A. Abdollahpour and H. Ghafari

Pages  179-183  Full text PDF
Mechanical sowing of safflower on broad bed furrow

V. P. Khambalkar, S. M. Nage, C. M. Rathod, A. V. Gajakos, Shilpa Dahatonde

Pages  184-187  Full text PDF
Dynamic neural network model for identifying cumulative responses of soybean plant growth based on nitrogen fertilizer compositions

A. Suyantohadi, M. Hariadi, MH. Purnomo, T. Morimoto

Pages  188-193  Full text PDF
Effect of weed removal on insect populations and yield of Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp]

F.O. Takim  and R.O. Uddin II

Pages  194-199  Full text PDF
November 2010 issue