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November 2010 issue [1(5) 2010]
Evaluation of the efficacy of directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) in patients with tuberculosis and HIV
Co-infection in Kano, Nigeria

Mukhtar M. Dauda

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Review Article

Enterobacteria in drinking water: a public health hazard

Mukhtar M. Dauda

Pages 224-230  Full Text PDF
Effect of a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae-commercial vaccine on concurrent lung infections in pigs in the field

Tzivara A, Burriel A.R, Kritas S.K, Filioussis G, Kyriakis S.K   

Pages 231-234  Full Text PDF
Secretory IgA as a marker of invasive amoebiasis

R Sehgal, R Devi, K Singh, NK Ganguly, RC Mahajan

Pages 235-238  Full Text PDF
Undiagnosed HIV cases in accident and emergency unit of a Tertiary Health institution in south east Nigeria

Ogbuagu C.N, Emejulu J.K.C, Ofiaeli R.O, Ogbuagu E.N, Onyenekwe O.N, Oguoma VM

Pages 239-242  Full Text PDF
November Issue 2010