Australian Journal of Agricultural Engineering
September 2010 issue
[1(4) 2010]

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Water requirements of some selected crops in Kampe dam irrigation project

Adeniran K.A, Amodu M.F, Amodu M.O and Adeniji F.A

Pages  119-125  Full text PDF
Effect of IAA and 2,4-D on somatic embryogenesis and pigments synthesis of carrot root secondary phloem

S.J. Mousavizadeh, K. Mashayekhi, V. Akbarpour, H. Kalati and Y. Ghasemi

Pages  126-131  Full text PDF
Effects of UV irradiation on the survival of the red cotton bug, Dysdercus koenigii (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

Snigdha Mohan and Dinesh Kumar

Pages  132-135  Full text PDF
Effect of screw auger rotational speed on paddy (Oryza sativa L.) grains damage in handling process

H. Zareiforoush, M.H. Komarizadeh, M.R. Alizadeh

Pages  136-140 Full text PDF
Influence of tillage and cropping systems on field emergence, growth of weeds and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) and cowpea
(Vigna  unguiculata L.)


Pages  141-148  Full text PDF
Design, simulation and evaluation of a new universal joint with intersecting angle up to 100 degrees for farm machineries

Majid Yaghoubi, Ali Jafary, Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi

Pages  149-152  Full text PDF
A study on thin cementitious composite (TCC) materials for soil reinforcement applications

Md. Zakaria Hossain

Pages  153-159  Full text PDF
September 2010 issue