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Southern Cross Publishing Group is an international not-for-profit group specialised in publication of open access scholarly journals, research and online setting up of scientific events.

Southern Cross Publishing Group has been publishing Southern Cross Journals in almost all topics of science  from human and social sciences to plant biology and genetics for a last few years.

Our main goal is to provide technical assistance to the scientific institutions, organizations and even individuals to publish their research online in the form of open access and available to the public.

For this reason we have developed an online open access platform that can be used straight forward to publish peer-reviewed journals, etc. in almost all area of sciences.

Therefore, hereby we invite you to submit your new or existing journal or books proposal directly by clicking on submit your journal or book proposal.   

The journals or books proposal will be considered immediately by SCP editorial board and you'll be contacted about the rest of process to establish your new journal as soon as possible.

We welcome all scientific institutions and people to submit their valuable proposals simply below.

Southern Cross Publisher enjoys an international online team and does not have any official relation with Australian universities and institutions.
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