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About Us

Southern Cross Journals (SCJ) emerged in 2007 with only one journal, Australian Journal of Crop Science, to promote innovative, cost-efficient electronic (or print), open access approach to publish science journals and books.

The SCJ platform will enable you:

- to produce a comprehensive manuscript submission and tracking system for free.

- to use your own complete online editorial and peer-reviewing system.

- to publish and control your open access content without having a too much computer and web knowledge and background.

This platform is a combination of common web designing and specialized online peer-review management system called Open Journal System (OJS) developed as public knowledge project (PKP).

We have developed this project further for creation of innovative and desirable web interface which can be customized easily unlike most of electronic peer-reviewing software that restrain a monotone platform for publication. 

Using SCJ platform you will be able to publish:

- Your open access e-journal (Peer-reviewed). 

- Your open access e-book (Peer reviewed). 

The SCJ platform works in two different ways: 

- You or your institution would be the publisher and we only play a role as facilitator by designing your journal's website and setting up your online peer-reviewing system and providing post designing assistance in publication process (all part of publication process from online submission to review and typesetting should be done by yourself). 

- We would be your publisher and you have to provide a professional editorial board and undertake all processes from the submission to decision, then we'll publish the accepted manuscripts (we'll have some legal checks on contents, for example control of copyright forms etc. (as the responsible body for publishing data). Please click on services link to send your journal proposals online.